an antifascist hacker conference

august 19, 2023 @ discord (click!)

ftp server: username ftp

about  ////////////////////////////////////

ftp://con is an online antifascist hacker conference organized in response to defcon's decision to have dhs secretary mayorkas give a keynote presentation at defcon 25.

we are entirely volunteer organized and very ad hoc, so if you'd like to help out, get in touch! our email is

cfp  //////////////////////////////////////

if you would like to give a presentation, lightning talk, or do a show and tell of some cool stuff you've been hacking on, email us at and put [cfp] in the subject line, or submit a talk through the form here.

schedule  /////////////////////////////////

saturday, august 19

talks last <50min (some possibly longer), then ~10min Q&A, then ~10min break before the next talk.

all activities with video or voice components will be in the appropriately named voice channels on discord.

12:00pm PDT

Cryptography Will Not Save Us
by Slug Monk

12:50pm PDT


1:00pm PDT

by DilDog and Medus4

2:00pm PDT


2:20pm PDT

Birthing the New in The Shell of the Old
by Tim Reutemann

2:45pm PDT

Increasing Achievements with Operant Conditioning
by Karl Anderson

3:25pm PDT


3:35pm PDT

by Nephele

4:15pm PDT


4:20pm PDT

Teslapunk Cyborgs of the Jazz Age
by Beka Valentine

coc  //////////////////////////////////////

no fascism, no cops, no racism, no queerphobia, no sexism, no ableism, etc. be kind to one another, both in discord and outside, and if you can't do that, the organizers will probably kickban you.